QB 3D Printer

Performance, Reliability, Flexibility – Finally Affordable

Explore the possibilities of making and learning. Featuring a huge build volume, effortless setup and control, and flexible options for high-speed or high-quality printing, the QB is a rare combination of performance, reliability, and flexibility.

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Key Benefits

Engineered for precision and durability, the QB can reach temperatures just above 300°C, enabling you to print accurate parts with a wide range of materials, including engineering grade plastics such as polycarbonate.

Incorporating accessibility as a fundamental component to design, QB will be a pleasure to work with for both experienced professionals and complete beginners. 

A 4.3in detachable touchscreen and a web interface accessible through WiFi via any device allows for swift control throughout the printing process.

Once printing is over, no need to use any other tools to scrape your parts off the build plate. Simply remove the magnetic bed and pop off your prints with a gentle bend.

With the range of applications for 3D printing, we wanted to enable you to use the QB in as many situations as possible. 

Dual extrusion system allows you to simultaneously print with two colours/materials. Apart from the range of materials and visual effects to explore, you can also use soluble material (PVA) for support structures, when you’re dealing with highly complex geometries and precision is paramount.

Using different size nozzles for each extruder, you can effortlessly switch between ultra high quality (50 microns) and ultra high speed printing, up to 14 times faster!

A huge build volume of 25.5cm³ means that you can push your designs to the limit and reduce the number of components needed to assemble.

As an open-source printer, QB is compatible with any materials. You can also print and replace components if they wear out, or even tinker and design your own improvements!

We use our own QB’s internally all the time. We use them in our Maker Studio to provide prototyping, manufacturing and product innovation services, and we also use them to build components for more QB’s!

With an accurate self-levelling buildplate and safety features for power outages, the QB offers high up-time with relatively low maintenance.

On top, we provide a 12-month warranty and 24/7 support, whenever you need it!



No more going back and forth with SD cards or unnecessary wires. QB connects to your WiFi network, allowing for seamless printing with drag and drop to the web-interface. You can connect with any device through the browser and any adjustments can also be made through the 4.3in detachable touchscreen.

Material Range

High-quality components in all the right places enable the QB to print with a range of materials, spanning both form and function. Whether you need aesthetic models using wood, brass, copper, and glow-in-the-dark, or functional components made out of polycarbonate, polypropylene, or flexible materials, the QB and its predefined profiles will do its job reliably, saving you time to focus on the important stuff.

Removable Magnetic Bed

The removable build plate adds that extra dimension of quality of life. Gone are the days when you would need knifes and other sharp objects to remove models from the printing surface. Simply take the whole plate off its frame, gently bend until the model comes off, and place back the plate.

Dual Extrusion

With dual extrusion you can add an extra aesthetic layer to your designs by building models in two different colours and materials. On top of that, for those really complex designs that need to be picture perfect, you can use soluble material like PVA to print support structures with the second nozzle.

High-Speed & High-Quality

If you need to create something really fast, or if time is not a constraint but you need to produce something of really high quality, the QB will deliver. The two nozzles provide the flexibility to print at ultra-high-speed, ultra-high-quality, or anywhere in between. With resolutions ranging between 50 and 700 microns, no project is out of reach!

Auto Bed Levelling

Say goodbye to reliability issues and constant bed adjustments. A robust 9-point bed levelling system makes sure that each print starts off on the same level, maximising the uptime. On top of that, in case of an unexpected power outage, the QB will store the information and resume printing when the power is back, minimising the risk of wasting valuable time.

Warranty and Support

To make you feel safe and confident in your choice, in the off-chance that anything happens, we’re here anytime to support and help you with potential problems. You can also use the 12-month warranty for fixes or exchanges in case of any faulty parts.