We all love to build

If you want to make something, we want to help.

Our 3D printing on demand service saves you the expense and complexity of running and managing your own 3D printing infrastructure. We help with designing, troubleshooting and repairing 3D models, printing, and post-print processing wherever needed. We aim for a quick 1-2 day turnaround, however, this may depend on the size and complexity of your project. Contact us with your project details for a quote.

Our Services

3D Design

Our design expertise enables us to fulfill your requirements to the smallest specifications

Troubleshoot & Repair

Before sending to print, we check for any flaws to make sure all designs are printable

maker studio

3D Printing

With our printer farm, we’re able to fulfill a wide array of orders in terms of speed and quantity


We add a finishing touch to your models by removing supports, filing, painting, and more.



Experiment Freely

Breathe life into your ideas


Increase Profitability

Cut time & cost from your production process


Add Value to Product Offerings

Innovate with unlimited customization

Use Cases


Traditional styrofoam and other types of scale models are time-consuming, expensive and do not always do justice to the initial vision behind a project.

3D printing connects the digital thread, creating a perfect replica of your 3D designs. This allows for effortless fabrication of buildings, landscapes, and especially bespoke interior design features, saving you time and energy to invest in what matters.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Say goodbye to expensive tooling and machining time. No more extended waiting periods for proof of concept and testing. 3D printing is shaking up industries by enabling rapid prototyping.

With our services, you can physically hold and test your design in a couple of days, if not the same day you made it. This speeds up the whole manufacturing process, allowing for quicker product launches at less cost. 

Additionally, we can help create solutions for optimizing your production flow, with the use of bespoke jigs, fixtures, gauges, moulds, and other tooling components.

Art, Sculpture & Creative Media

The freedom to quickly build one or more, identical, or completely different pieces, in varying scales, knowing that adding complexity comes at no extra cost, allows you to stretch the imagination and unleash your creative potential to the fullest. 

Whether you need sculptures, characters, objects, or landscapes, we can make as many iterations as you need, at an affordable cost.


Breathe life into your campaigns by adding shape to your space, whether it be a stand in a shopping mall, outside events, or your office.

Logos, props, and marketing models are some of the most frequently demanded items, but the true limit here is imagination.

Bespoke Solutions

Headphones always tangling? Can’t find a spot for your devices? Printing custom accessories, supports, and stands for your devices would be useful. 

Want to add a bit of flair around the house but without paying a small fortune? A few unique and intricate 3D printed ornaments would do the trick.

Don’t have a system for arranging your utensils around the kitchen, garden, or bathroom? Does your desk look like a war zone? You can add personality and function with custom bespoke tools and supports.