Professional Development - Engaging and Easy

The Dicey Tech Professional Development Programme is designed to maximise schools’ return on investment in technology and offers practical training on designing, coding, and 3D printing for the classroom. We have designed it as part of our commitment to support schools, teachers, and staff to inspire and engage students to learn and achieve better results.

Adapting to your needs

Our modular programme is split between 3D Printing and Physical Computing. Each module is structured in bite-sized units that build up on each other. Depending on your needs, you can choose either one or both. 

Beginner modules are for half-day and advanced modules are for a full-day each, available for up to 10 teachers or staff at a time to ensure quality.

Modules Include

Design and 3D Printing

  • Overview of 3D printing and how it works
  • Tools, processes, and design software
  • Applications in industry and a look to the future
  • Hands-on project
  • Slicing and preparing models
  • Maintenance
  • Integration in the curriculum KS 3-5

Physical Computing

  • Kits
  • Languages
  • Simple circuits
  • Sensors and buttons
  • Motors
  • Hands-on project
  • Integration in the curriculum KS 3-5

Flexible Delivery

Hosted on-site in Manchester or at central locations across the country through our partner network.

Courses delivered at your premise in groups of staff from your institution and others in your community.