Education 4.0

Blending curriculum with technology to engage students and build skills for the future of work

For free access to 3Ducate online learning platform (beta)

Physical, interactive learning is fun, engaging, and effective. 

Abstract subjects like math and computer science become more relevant and relatable when merged with design and the making freedom enabled by 3D printing. This gives students and teachers limitless opportunities to create and explore at their own pace.

But it’s not about 3D printing. 

It’s about the learning experiences it enables. We empower students to be creators of technology rather than just consumers of it.

And not just technical skills.

We design educational experiences that combine tech with soft skills, thinking methodologies, and careers information, making students more informed and better prepared.

What We Do

As part of our mission to bridge the gap between education and industry by supporting students to develop skills for the future of work, we create KS3-5 curriculum resources, organise workshops and events, and provide CPD training for teachers.

Lesson plans, projects, and assessments that can be delivered as part of the curriculum or through clubs and extracurricular activities

Industry-linked bootcamps between 1 and 5 days, bringing together students and professionals to build things and solve problems

Professional training on CAD, 3D printing, and physical computing, enabling teachers to effortlessly integrate technology in their classrooms

To give access to our resources to schools, trainers, and workshop organisers across the world, we are building the 3Ducate Platform. While we test things, we are giving FREE access to our beta users. 

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